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Victor Block
Victor Block, an award-winning travel journalist, writes about favorite things he sees, does and experiences around the United States and abroad
Charlie Leocha
Head of Travelers United, an advocacy group for travelers. I work every day with DOT, Congress, and others. My stories provide details of rules, regulations, and laws that control the travel experience and safety.
Karen Fawcett
Retired journalist and travel junkie. Realistically, I always want to write as well as travel. Have lived in Paris, Provence & traveled throughout the world. Experiencing different cultures has been the most enriching part of my life.
Fyllis Hockman
After 35 years, she is just as eager for her next trip as she was for her first. And this is just a reflection of some of them
Karen Cummings
Retired but still working former journalist and PR/marketing professional.